Fine-Art prints

Fine-Art prints

Fine-Art  prints  Black and white

The Fine-Art Prints are of the same quality than the original prints. We use a quality of printing and of paper base similar to the Art prints. They are different because they are not numbered and not signed by the author, and so not limited in their reproduction.
They don't have any authenticity certificate and so they don't respect the fiscal criterias to be considered as an Art Print. Prices are more approachable than an original print.

The Fine-Art prints are just available in Digigraphie on the Epson traditional baritewith or without a white frame,  in your choice at the time of the order.

The numbered and signed work of art is a unique one, an original print supplied with a certificate of authenticity. This print can be not be sold more than 30 copies, any confused supports (paper, painting...). The image will be removed from the sale once the 30 editions of art will be sold. You must not confuse with the Fine-Art prints, that are not limited in the printing, and don't have a certificate of authenticity. The images that we find in the sale of selection of print-Art cannot be sold in the section of Edition Fine-Art, and the same for the other way.

Fine-Art  prints  Black and white  Rates


Without dibond

Dibond (3 mm)

30 x 30 cm 98 € 158 €
50 x 50 cm 138 € 228 €
60 x 60 cm 198 € 298 €

To enhance your prints on dibond, we present different framing and finishing products.

See here the different products and their rates.
Please contact us for these products that can not be purchased online.

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