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Any order involves on behalf of the customer an unconditional acceptance of the present general terms of sale with which the customer can have acquainted.

Article.1 – ORDER

On the website shop, the author proposes :

Original prints

Each picture is numbered, referenced, and signed by the artist. The prints are edited in a limited quantity, with or without a white frame, and is accompanied with a certificate of origin. The digigraphie is a label of excellence that guarantees a sustainability in the time, of 100 years and more, thanks to the quality and the resistance of the pigmentary inks UltraChrome.

Fine-Art Prints

 The Fine-Art Prints are of the same quality than the original prints. We use a quality of printing and of paper base similar to the Art prints.They are different because they are not numbered and not signed by the author, and so not limited in their reproduction.They don't have any authenticity certificate and so they don't respect the fiscal criterias to be considered as an Art Print. Prices are more approachable than an original print.

Postcards panoramics

They are panoramic postcards of size (format) 90x210 mm establishing(constituting) a rather complete series on the Regional Natural reserve of Verdon. The paper is lying half-matt 350 G, with an offset printing quadri first side / reverse. *La finish is a varnish glittering on the first side, which gives a striking depiction.


They are bookmarks in size 45X210 mm, representing a first series on the fauna of the Regional Natural Parc of Verdon. The paper isl ying half-matt 350 G, with a quadri printing both sides. The finish is a lamination glittering on the first side and the reverse, that gives an amazing result.


Image was realized in the Natural Régional Reserve of the Verdon, the poster of size 30x45, the quality of the paper is perfect.

 Article 2 – FARES

1.1 - Fares of the works of art are indicated in euro, all inclusive taxes, without participation to the shipping fares. Shipping fares will be calculated when you will order. Only the payments in euros are accepted.

1.2 - Concerning the works of art shipped out of the European Union and DOM-TOM, some customs duties, local taxes, import duties or taxes of state can be asked. These charges are independant from David Allemand. This is of your own responsability to make the declarations and the payments to the authorities and organisms concerned of your country. You should take informations with the local authorities

1.3 - The author of the gallery can change the prices when he wants. The products will be charged on the base of the fares current at the time of the recording of the orders, subject to avaibility.

1.4 - The products remain the property of David Allemand until the entire payment of the indicated price.

Article 3 – PAYMENT

The payment of your purchases is only in euros

- By secure payment by Paypal

- Or by bank check,

- Or  by bank check to David Allemand, emitted by a bank taken up residence in metropolitan France or at Monaco.

Send it to :

Stéphanie & David Allemand
633 B Mas Campine
84360 Puget-sur-Durance

 Delivery will be made from reception of the check. Don't forget to indicate the reference of your order at the back of the check.


All the texts, comments, works, illustrations, and pictures reproduced on the website www.david-allemand.com that gives access to the Eshop site are reserved in conformance with the copyright and in conformance with the intellectual property and for the whole wold.

As such and according to the measures of the French code of the intellectual property,only is authorized the use for a private use, subject to different measures, even more restrictive of the code of the intellectual property. Any total or partial reproduction of the site david-allemand/Eshop is strictly forbidden.

Article 5 – DELIVERY

The delivery will be made during the working hours, at the address of delivery that you wil have indicated on the order form.The delivery deadlines (15 working days)appearing in the order form of david-allemand/Eshop are given, unless otherwise stipulated, only for informations purposes.

The possible delays wouldn't give the right to the customer to cancel the order, to refuse it or to ask for damages or interests. The author cannot be kept for person in charge of the consequences due to a delay of routing.

In case of payment by check, the order will be treated only in reception and control of the check. As a consequence, the applicable extensions in this case are the ones in the day of opening of the check and can be thus modified with regard to those mentioned in the day by the signing of the order.

In case of additional deadlines, David Allemand makes a commitment to warn the customer of date planned by avaibility.

Any dismissal of order due to a typing error of the address during the order will be chargeable to the customer. During the reception of the order,it is up to the customer to verify the state of photos and not to accept them if they are damaged. In this casen the customer has to warn by telephone or by e-mail David Allemand who makes a commitment, either to pay off the customer, or to return him a new edition. No compensation can be demanded for a delay in delivery or for a damaged edition.

Article 6 - AVAIBILITY

In case of unavaibility of all or part of the order, your command will automatically be cancelled and you will immediately be paid off if your bank account was sold.

For the payment by check, the refund will be made in the choice of David Allemand by credit on the bank account of the customer or by check at the latest in thirty days as from the payment of the sums paid by the customer. 


For any information or question, you can contact us :

By e-mail : allemand.david@gmail.com

By post :

Stéphanie & David Allemand
633 B Mas Campine
84360 Puget-sur-Durance


In application of the article L121-16 of the code of the consumption, the customer has a legal extension of 7 days from the delivery of the products to ask for the exchange or for the refund. This extension runs as from the day of the reception of the photographic prints by the customer.

The return of the photos is made at the risks and at the expense of the customer, the proof of the sending returning to the customer.
- Any photographic print must be sent back in its original packing to the address below

Stéphanie & David Allemand
633 B Mas Campine
84360 Puget-sur-Durance

The crossed off, stained, folded photographic prints or more generally damaged will not be paid off.
If the edition photographic print is returned in perfect condition, in its original packing, the refund will be made by check in the two weeks following its reception at the address above.

Absolute necessity :

In application of the article 1148 of the Civil code, David Allemand cannot be considered as responsible in the execution of the order, if any delay or any negligence results from a case of absolute necessity.

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