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Exhibition "Verdon, of other faces"

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Presentation of the exhibition :

Beyond the scenic, Verdon deserves another look, a new discourse . More than a torrent , it is a myth. when it digs its gorges, this is the time it hollow . When he lost in a canyon, the better to be reborn , flourished in the small sea of Sainte -Croix .

Cliffs on the screen , this is the story of the life that is part of a secret and hidden life that is not given the busy traveler.

This exhibition traces ten years of photographic exploration in this area still preserved , in order to discover the many faces of Verdon, his , aquatic universe mineral and vegetable as well as the flora and fauna that inhabit them. Emblematic Vulture and Snake Eagle will not be forgotten .

The Gorges du Verdon are recognized as the highest Canyon of Europe.

Adopted region where I spent part of my childhood , this exhibition is the result of several years of effort.

Jean Giono said " here is far more than it is elsewhere."

I wanted to reach through my photographic eye fragile moments , unusual and ephemeral .

In recent years, a program was born for the reintroduction of vultures .

With a little luck, they will be easily observable on the ridge road, they gradually become a symbol for the Grand Canyon .

The " Verdon " plays a fundamental role in the region , because without water there is no life.

Gorges are a natural jewel , it is necessary to preserve this site for future generations.

Photographic prints are cons - glued and laminated aluminum Dibond support.

The installation will be done by the photographer and participation photographer for the opening may be considered. Travel expenses and accommodation will be borne by the organizer.

The fee for the photographer may be negotiated case by case with the head of the demonstration.

 Photographer agrees to leave the show in the following conditions:

Term of the lease :

The minimum rental period is fixed at one week. For much longer periods packages adopted.

Reservation involves a payment of 50 % deposit at the time of signing of this agreement , which will be charged in case of cancellation of the event. The remaining 50 % will be paid upon installation of photographic prints .

Digital files free of rights will be offered to the organizer for the sole promotion of the exhibition .

The exhibition will be insured for the transport and the duration of the event against theft , damage, scratches ...

A certificate of insurance must be provided before the start of the exhibition.

The organizer undertakes to promote the show by performing :

Posters, flyers , press releases , invitation to the opening expenses , costs associated with travel photographer for assembling and dismantling of the exhibition.

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